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MyKidStarter makes it fun and easy for friends & family to crowdfund a child's savings, 529 college plan, or investment account.

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Why Wait?

MyKidStarter jumpstarts a child’s path to financial freedom at birth, offering a meaningful alternative to traditional baby registry gifts – and parents can list the fundraiser in the registry itself. Plus, our automated tools make MyKidStarter a no-brainer for recurring birthday gifts.

What Our Customers are Saying.

Helen Nealan

Austin, TX

Funding my child's 529 college plan using MyKidStarter was a breeze. It takes the stress out of college planning!

Kate Masterson

Hope, ID

My family and friends were thrilled to have the option to support my child's financial independence. What a perfect gift!

Scott Allendale

Los Angeles, CA

No awkward conversations! This app makes it easy for me to connect with supporters of my child's future.

Using MyKidStarter couldn't be easier.

Create a donation page. Sync it with your bank. Watch the magic happen.

  • Complete Flexibility

    MyKidStarter allows parents to distribute contributions to any new or existing bank account with Stripe™.

  • Fund a 529 College Plan

    Have a 529 College fund? Simply add MyKidStarter to your baby registry, and family & friends can pitch in!

  • Get a Nest Egg Growing

    Fund a custodial investment account early in life for 65 years of compounded growth, ensuring your child a snug retirement.

How it Works

Create a KidStarter

Whether you are the parent, an extended family member, or just a friend, simply answer a few questions, write a brief message to friends and family, and publish the MyKidStarter page. It only takes a few minutes!

Invite Contributors

The child’s unique MyKidStarter page can be easily shared on social media to promote additional contributions. And parents can easily add MyKidStarter to any baby gift registry!

Distribute Funds

MyKidStarter is designed for parents to have complete flexibility over a child’s funds. From savings & investment accounts, to 529 college funds, MyKidStarter allows parents to distribute contributions to any new or existing bank account - using our secure Stripe™ bank integration.

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